11/3/2019BRIFE 2019 - Quality Rice Tasting & Show
7/3/2019BRIFE Awards - Honor outstanding food and beverage brands
22/2/2019BRIFE 2019 - Exploring Tour of Baijiu (the Chinese spirits)
18/2/2019BRIFE 2019 - Provides a Novel Trading Platform for Quality Coffee
31/1/2019Join the first Wine & Spirits Awards focusing on Belt & Road regions' market
28/1/2019We wish You a Prosperous Year of the Pig
10/1/2019BRIFE Committee Met Vice Minister of Commerce of P.R.C.
8/1/2019BRIFE 2019 - a bridge to NEW opportunities in world wine & spirits trade
19/12/2018Lucrative events in the BRIFE 2019
27/11/2018The Belt & Road International Food Expo (Hong Kong)
29/6/2018Hot Chef Challenge: Chef Chiu Kin Cheong from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Won the Hot Chef Champion
28/6/2018Hot Chef Challenge Top 8 finalists stand out from 80 chefs
28/6/2018BRIFE 2018 Awards
27/6/2018Exciting Programme on the First Day of Belt and Road International Food Expo
27/6/2018Ministers and Consuls of Five Countries Join Hands with 300 Exhibitors to Celebrate BRIFE 2018
25/6/2018Two days to go: BRIFE 2018 Opens on 27 June 2018
19/6/201880 Chefs are competing for the Honor of the Hottest Chef at BRIFE 2018
19/6/2018Sponsored Message: IGSO Press Conference Pre-regisitration 新聞發布會預先登記
13/6/2018Discover Appealing products at BRIFE 2018 Awards
1/6/2018Ministers of Agriculture and Trade from 5 countries as speaker
14/5/2018Exploring Chinese Wine & Spirits at BRIFE 2018
30/4/2018Register BRIFE 2018 to have a chance to win a pair of round trip air tickets to South Africa!
13/4/2018Hong Kong Local Craft Beer Breweries
27/3/2018Seeking out the "Belt & Road" special fruit at BRIFE 2018
14/3/2018BRIFE will converge the most appealing products from B&R regions
9/3/2018Last call for registration: 2018 Belt & Road Hot Chef Challenge
3/2/2018BRIFE Latest Announcement
13/2/2018BRIFE wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year
7/2/2018Register BRIFE 2018 to have a chance to win a pair of round trip air ticket to South Africa!
13/12/2017B & R 2018 Hot Chef Challenge Brings Countries Together
21/11/2017A Bite of Belt & Road (B & R)
1/11/2017Exploring Huge Business Opportunities for Halal Food Industry along Belt & Road by BRIFE 2018
17/10/2017BRIFE offers comprehensive professional solution providers, Help exploring the 70+ countries along the "Belt & Road"
4/10/2017Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
29/9/2017Business Matching with Professional Global Investors and Bankers
15/9/2017Boost Your Brand Awareness via BRIFE 2018
1/9/2017Seize the Belt & Road huge business opportunity!
16/8/2017The First Belt and Road International Food Expo (Hong Kong) 2018