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BRIFE Awards 2019

Honor outstanding food and beverage brands

BRIFE Awards is an annual ceremony designed to recognize the industry’s outstanding food and beverage products, enhance the development and innovation of food industry, bring the cuisine and living culture of the Belt and Road countries to international customers.

BRIFE 2019 Awards Ceremony will be concurrently held with The Belt & Road International Food Expo (BRIFE), a novel international agriculture and food trade hub, in 13 June 2019. Hundreds of BRIFE exhibitors will also participate in the competition, featuring a variety of shortlisted products.

Application Form – BRIFE Awards 2019

Why applies for BRIFE Awards?

BRIFE Awards is a prominent event in the agricultural and food industry. The judging panel is comprised of acclaimed leaders and pundits in the industry. Participating in the awards will improve your brand image and brand awareness.

There are three categories of BRIFE Awards:

  1. The Belt and Road Finest Featured Food Awards
    Recognize the best food products from over 50 countries along the Belt & Road regions that encapsulate the cultures of their origins.
  2. The Most Innovative Halal Food Product Awards
    Recognize the most innovative Halal food products in terms of various aspects such as product concepts and qualities.
  3. The Best Food/ Beverage Packaging Design Awards
    Recognize the most outstanding food or beverage products in the areas of packaging design, safety, cost and practicality.

Judging Panel of BRIFE 2019 Awards:

Mr. Lo Sui-sing, Thomas JP
Managing Director of South China Media Limited

Dr. William Chen
General Manager (H.K.) and Board Secretary of Royal Dynasty International Holding Co. Ltd

Ms. Spring Cheung
Vice Chairman of Silk Road Development Association
Director of Best United Marketing Ltd

Mr. Sidney Tang
Principle Architect of STANG Architects Ltd.

Ms. Lily Chan
Chief Editor of Blogblogjai and Executive Director of CARES’SENTIAL
Director of Medico Artisans Limited

Congratulations to all Winners of BRIFE 2018 Awards!

BRIFE 2018 Awards through 4 awards: The Belt and Road Finest Featured Food, The Most Innovative Halal Food Product, The Best Food Packaging Design and The Best Beverage Packaging Design to discover excellence and innovation across every category within the global food businesses and consumer markets, explore and present the featured food with high quality from B&R countries / regions to promote the development of local food industries. There were almost 100 products shortlisted for the BRIFE 2018, including wine, sauce and seasoning, Chocolate.

BRIFE Awards 2018 Winners
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Show Date & Time

11 June 2019, 10:00 – 18:30 (Tuesday)
12 June 2019, 09:30 – 18:30 (Wednesday)
13 June 2019, 09:30 – 17:00 (Thursday)