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Belt and Road Gourmet Kitchen

Countries along the Belt and Road (B&R) region have their own unique food culture and specialty foods which make good culinary matches. Aiming to build people-to-people bond along B&R countries, “Belt & Road Gourmet Kitchen” will debut at BRIFE 2019, which will attract more than 8,000 professional visitors from 50 countries, as well as widespread media coverage from hundreds of local and overseas media outlets.

Chef Martin Yan – the Culinary and Cultural Ambassador of BRIFE & 2019 Belt and Road Gourmet Kitchen

Mr. Yan is an internationally renowned Chinese chef and a TV presenter. He has hosted more than 2,000 episodes of cooking shows globally, the world-popular gourmet show YAN CAN COOK made him to be the first TV personality to successfully introduce the Chinese food culture to the mainstream American and Canadian society. Mr. Yan will appear as a celebrity guest chef in the Belt and Road Gourmet Kitchen.

Supporting institutions:

Kwan Sang Cathering Professional Employees Association

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Cooking Demonstration – Featured Chefs:

Forum Restaurant 1977 Executive Chef Adam Wong

Chef Adam joined Forum Restaurant 1977 in 1992 and is an apprentice of Master Yeung. He obtained a number of professional qualifications. He graduated from the master class of the Chinese Cuisine Art Institute and is a member of the French Le Cordon Bleu.

Alva Hotel By Royal  Executive Chinese Chef
Quentin Leung Yiu Kei

Chef Quentin Leung boasts his specialty in knife skills coupled with a wealthy 20 years o f experiences in the culinary industry. Chef Leung excels in creating an array of contemporary Cantonese cuisine made from fresh ingredients.

John Anthony Executive Chef Chau SaiTo

Chef Sai-To is the Executive Chef of John Anthony. Prior to his current position, he was the Executive Chef of the Aqua Group, who managed Hu-Tong and Dim Sum Library. Graduated from the 8th Master Chef Programme in Chinese Cuisine of the Chinese Culinary Institute in Hong Kong. Chef Sai-To is known for his creativity in fusion dishes.

J&T Restaurant Executive Chef Jacky Chung

Started from the bottom, Chef Chung worked his way up and became the Head Chef of Lei-Garden and Cuisine Cuisine before he turned 40.  He was also the Nation-wide Quality Control Managing Director of Tang’s Cuisine. Known for his new-wave approaches to traditional Cantonese cuisine, he is now the founder and the Executive Chef of J&T Restaurant, a new private kitchen in Wan Chai.

Fooka Chinese Restaurant

Sous Chef Charles CHEUNG

As a post 90’s who is particularly passionately about culinary arts, Charles expresses his love with food.

Charles received education in Hong Kong and was graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School before he started his career in the F&B business.

Supported by Chinese Culinary Institute (CCI) & International Culinary Institute (ICI):

Be a Good Chef 

Chinese Culinary Institute (CCI) and International Culinary Institute (ICI) aim to train chefs with ethics, management and culinary skills. Respect the ingredients and concerning the health of the diners are part of the code of ethics for chefs. Students and alumni of the two Institutes will share their visions on how their cooking can help to protect the environment and offer health benefits to diners. 

Date:June 13, 2019

12:30pm – 1:00pm Low Carbon Chinese Cuisine

CCI students Tong Chun Kit and Tse Wai Chau have together won a Gold award in the Open category of the Low Carbon Cooking Competition, hosted by Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups this year. They will demonstrate and share with you the idea behind their creative low carbon winning dish.

1:45pm – 2:15pm Healthy Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine, always using fresh natural ingredients and olive oil, is regarded as one of the healthiest diets in the world. Students of ICI will introduce you a healthy and environmental friendly Italian dish.

2:20pm -2:50pm  Chinese Tonic food with Dried Tangerine Peel

Chef Paul Wong, alumnus of CCI’s Master Chef Course has profound insight in the health benefits and recipes of dried tangerine peel (Chenpi), he is also the only expert from Hong Kong being selected to join the official “Chenpi” association in Xinhui.

International Culinary Institute   

The International Culinary Institute (ICI) is one of the 13 member institutions of Vocational Training Council (VTC). It aims at training and developing talent in culinary art and hospitality industry to sustain Hong Kong’s status as Asia’s gourmet paradise. The ICI offers a wide range of quality professional culinary programmes covering cuisines of Europe, Mediterranean, Asia, the Middle East and Americas. It also provides international theme park and event management programmes to groom aspiring youths for career development in the related industries. Website: www.ici.edu.hk

Chinese Culinary Institute   

The Chinese Culinary Institute (CCI) is one of the 13 member institutions of Vocational Training Council (VTC). It was established in 2000 as one of the Millennium Projects of the HKSAR Government. CCI endeavours to provide systematic training in Chinese cuisine for beginners and practicing chefs who wish to obtain or upgrade their professional qualifications. It also aims to elevate the professional standard and status of Chinese Chefs in order to strengthen Hong Kong’s reputation as the “Culinary Capital of Asia”. Furthermore, CCI strives to establish Hong Kong as a regional training and accreditation centre in Chinese cuisine by introducing “One Trade Test Two Certificates” system. To promote the deep-rooted heritage of the Chinese culinary art, CCI offers culinary interest courses for locals and tourists alike. Website: www.cci.edu.hk

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