How the “Belt and Road initiative” brings benefits to the world food industries?

The First Belt & Road International Food Expo (Hong Kong)

The First Belt & Road International Food Expo (Hong Kong) (BRIFE 2018) in AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong during 27th-29th June 2018, has successfully gathered nearly 300 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions (26 of them are along the Belt & Road) to organized around 350 booths which has showcased over 1,000 new products and services. The 3-day Expo has attracted thousands of buyers from 27 countries and regions to purchasing and had business discussions, for jointly expand the tremendous business market and seize the prosperous opportunities brought by Belt & Road Initiative.

BRIFE 2018 was accredited by the Ministers of Agriculture and Trade from 5 countries, Prince of Georgia and Canadian official as honorable guest speakers of the concurrent The First Belt & Road Agrifood & Trade Summit (ATS 2018). National representatives including Ambassadors, Consul-Generals, Trade Commissioners and principals of Trade Promotion Agencies etc. from over 40 countries have attended on this occasion.

The Belt & Road International Food Expo (Hong Kong) (BRIFE) aims to forge a new and high-end international cooperation platform with an integration of government and business for the development of agri-food industries, giving full play to Hong Kong’s superiority that acting as a “Super-Connector” to promote the unimpeded B2B & G2B trade and industrial development of agriculture and food under the strengthening Belt & Road Initiative.

Chef Martin Yan is consented to be the Culinary and Cultural Ambassador of BRIFE & 2018 Belt & Road Hot Chef Challenge.

Are you ready for exploring new business opportunities under the “One Belt & One Road” initiative?

BRIFE includes 5 halls covering 30 major food categories and newly introduces the ‘Investment Hall’ and ‘Professional Service Hall’ to provide collaboration opportunities for G2B and B2B large-scaled investment.

Food Trade Hall

Recruiting various vital foods, cereals and beverages exhibitors targeting for the countries along the Belt and Road…

Snack Food Hall

Recruiting the snack foods from the Belt and Road countries with new taste, packaging, consumption and design to create new business opportunities…

Halal Food Hall

The global Halal food industry is estimated to be worth US$2.3 trillion, 80% of halal food are depending on imports. At present, there are great demand for Halal food…

Investment Hall

The Belt and Road generates development and investment opportunities…

Professional Service Hall

BRIFE invites comprehensive professional service exhibitors to foster the business opportunities of food industries along the Belt and Road…

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News and Event Highlights 

6.26.2017  15 consul-generals with over 30 consular officials and trade representatives, together with 500 community leaders, VIPs and supporting corporations gathered at the launching ceremony of BRIFE 2018.

Dr. Raymond Ho Chung Tai, SBS, S.B. St. J., JP

Chairman of Dashun Foundation, Founding Chairman of Belt and Road Global Development Alliance

Ms. Wan Suet Chun 

Chairman of The World Vegetarian Health Food Cultural Association

Mr. Erwin M. Akbar

Consul (Economic) of Consulate General of The Republic of Indonesia

Mr. Antonello De Riu

Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong & Macau

Mr. Cristian Prado Ahumadaa

Trade & Investment Commissioner of the Consulate General of Chile

Mr. Mohammad Sarwar Mahmood

Consulate General of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Mr. Alfred Mutiwazuka

Consulate General of Zimbabwe in Hong Kong

Mr. Abdulaziz Musa Dankano 

Consulate General of Nigeria in Hong Kong

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Republic of Korea



Slovak Republic

South Africa

Sri Lanka




United Arab Emirate



Hong Kong


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